Monday, June 6, 2011

Dopey Malopie

All right, first, I want to say that I have no idea where the name for this character I created came from. My imagination must have taken a left turn at Albuquerque or something.
Yes, the name of my main character on my proposed children's book is Malopie, rhymes with Dopey. Malopie Miller. I haven't settled on an age yet, but I think she'll (yes she) be around 7 or 8.
I had planned on calling the book Magic Malopie, but first that would have made it hard to pronounce the name correctly, and well, at first, she is kind of Dopey. So Dopey Malopie gives kids and parents a base for pronouncing the name right, and it's kind of funny.
So what's the premise? Malopie isn't good at anything, except telling people how to pronounce her name. She can't play soccer, she trips over the ball. She can't even jump rope. She can't add without using her fingers and toes and her handwriting is unreadable. She has tried and tried to find something she is good at but can't find it. Then on her birthday she receives a magic kit and finds she can not only do the tricks in the kit, but she can make up her own tricks. Card tricks especially. Near the end she makes herself a wand out of paper mache and a drumstick, and tries to teach others about magic. At the end she is no longer called 'Dopey Malopie', but is now called 'Magic Malopie,' which could lead to a whole series of books like that.
Now, I've never written a children's book. I'm not sure what age group it would appeal to, whether it should be a picture book (though I get a picture in my head of the wand, a barber pole style of color (every color) and a light at the end her father puts on.) or even a pop up book.
So, I need help. If you are an experienced writer of children's books and want to collaborate with me on this, we can make a partnership. Send me an email at 'at', and we'll talk about it.
Beyond that, the lesson learned, and this is something I've believed in my whole life, is that everyone is good at something, you just need to dig deep enough to find out what!