Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Writing for other projects - literally

I know I haven't posted in a while, not on this blog anyway. I've been working on organizing Project Five-Star, and writing down every idea I can for that. That information is posted on a different blog: http://projectfivestar.blogspot.com/
I may return to writing about other things as they happen.
One thing that did happen was I had an interview with one company last week, Friday. It's a marketing company, hiring for a variety of positions. They requested that I dress 'Business Professional,'  and I had at the time, no suit, tattered pants and no white, button-down shirt, and no tie. I got 3 coupons from the shelter, however, that allowed me to get a decent pair of pants and a white shirt. I borrowed the tie. Still not quite as well dressed as the other applicants.
The Interview lasted 5 minutes, all they wanted to know was what position I wanted to apply for. All the other interviews seemed to take the same amount of time. I'm unsure what was going on, but I haven't heard from them since then.
The bad part is that my phone is out of time. I got Google Voice, and that number will allow them to leave a message, but nothing so far.
So in the meantime, I'm filing more applications and working on getting Project Five-Star off the ground. if you know any community business leaders who can give me a hand, point them my way!