Saturday, September 24, 2011

And here's another idea!

Okay, another random thought. Take it, leave it, run with it, just give me credit where credit is due!
I've been reading so much about how doctor's are worried about EMF's and how they potentially could harm the brains of cell phone users. It occurred to me that EMF's surround us at all times. That has been the case since the Earth formed. Maybe that radiation helped us mutate into the beings we are today.

That said, EMF's are essentially energy, and I wonder if there is a way to harness that energy and use it to charge a battery. I'm talking batteries for phones, ipods, and (and this excites me more than anything) electric cars. Imagine going from one end of the country to the next using nothing more than someone's cell phone signal? I mean, in a large city the power of the signals being sent has to be pretty enormous. What's to stop us from using a signal, that won't be used by anyone else and channeling that into energy to charge a battery?

Okay, folks, my imagination had its workout today. Are there any physicists that want to run with idea? Give me a buzz if you do!

That is all!