Friday, September 26, 2014

An Unexpected Eviction

Imagine that you've paid your rent on time, consistently, for the last 9 months. You come home from a hard day's work and you get a call from your landlord saying 'come to the office.' You go there and you're handed a letter saying you need to vacate your room in 7 days. No chance for appeal, no court date, just 'Out!'

This just happened to me at the motel where I've been staying since January. The motel was apparently sold to the City of Raleigh, and I got a note which basically said: 'Git!'

To make me even more pissed off the letter made sure to mention that because I rent by the week they could have given me 2 days notice and gotten away with it. Talk about rubbing salt in my already shocked system.

I've been there since January, paid faithfully, even withstood a flash flood and stayed. No, I'm not loyal, I'm broke. Half my take-home pay goes to this motel, and I haven't been working full-time long enough to save money to move elsewhere.

I'll be looking for another motel to stay, probably will pay more, and most certainly will pay a hefty deposit. The lack of a deposit was a big selling point for the Milner Inn. I have to say, though In was shocked by the notice, I will rise above it. Well, after I talked to the press. I leaked the story to WRAL this morning and had an interview with them this afternoon. I'm not without a little vengeance.

Here's a link to the story: