Monday, November 24, 2014



By Michael Harrison Fox

I went to a party just the other day

Went straight to a corner where I could stay

Away from the people and the booming sound

Don’t think of me as strange, I’m just (beat) hypersensitive

Keep away the flashing lights and roaring crowd

They make my body shiver when it gets really loud

I want to cover ears and eyes and slink away

I’m not an animal, I’m just (beat) hypersensitive

(rapid rap)

Now listen to my story and you will see

That a person like me isn’t easy

To get to know because I shun the crowd

And listening to smalltalk makes me shout out loud

‘Get outta my face and please shut up’

But it seems that I am out of luck

‘Cause the voice I make is never heard

Over voices and sirens and I get nerved

By the lights and sounds of everyday life

And what’s normal to you, to me is strife

And makes me want to shut it all out

Crawl back into bed and let out a shout

‘Leave me alone!’


I’m not a bad person but it’s hard to see

If the slightest sound and light make me act crazy

Don’t take it as an insult,  just me being me

Just move away slowly ‘cause I’m (beat) hypersensitive