Thursday, January 26, 2012

Proposed Business Plan (Unfinished)

Okay, I've been thinking the last few days about using Google Plus hangouts as a source of news. So what follows is an idea that I can create myself and run myself, if I had some money to invest (or a benefactor).

The business would be Mobile news video provider, tentatively called Mike’s Hangout News Channel. It would consist of a web site where live video is streamed of various news events, and also I would stream live Google Plus Hangouts, with invited guests talking about a variety of subjects, from politics to technology to even Warcraft and entertainment.

The main source of income from this would be advertising on the web site, monetization from Youtube for archived broadcasts, possibly selling wifi time, but I wouldn't count on that, and possibly selling exclusive rights to certain video, but that would likely happen once in a blue moon, for video so rare it would generate interest.

The idea is to purchase a van and customize it so that I can a) sleep in it, b) uses my computer(s) in there, which means setting up either a generator or some other method of charging my equipment,and c) have cameras on the inside for recording of interviews and the hangouts.

I'd like to travel around the country or even the world in that van and capture events and stories from a unique perspective. I may even buy stories recorded by others for broadcast. But the main gist is to cover stories that no one else is willing to cover, from the homeless situation to Occupy (Insert City Name Here) movements and live breaking events like fires and their aftermath and other natural disasters.

Now to accomplish this I'm going to need money. This is where the benefactor comes in. What I'd like to do is borrow $100,000 from a bank and have the benefactor cosign the loan. I'd use some of the money to pay off my existing credit problems so I don't have to use a cosigner in the future. I'd use some of the money to buy a van (I could rent, but the customization might be difficult under a rental agreement, and I'd like to paint the van too) and to buy other equipment, such as mobile wifi equipment, and better quality cameras and computers.

The best part of this (for me) is that I could do it all myself. I could even set it up as a sole proprietorship the first year in a state that has no income tax (like New Hampshire - do I still have relatives there?) and once it takes off I can change to an LLC model and work from there.

With everything that's happening in this country today, not enough of it makes the news in the way it should, and I'd like to take care of that problem. There are already people out there covering the Occupy movements, and I'd like to get in on that and perhaps contribute other stories.

Yes, then idea needs to be developed more. If you have business experience, I'd love to hear from you! If you have money to invest or are willing to cosign, I'd love to hear from you. If you'd like to contribute in any way, I'D LIKE TO HEAR FROM YOU!

And if not, if you think this is another pipe dream, then that's okay. I hope to prove you wrong some day.

But at any rate, I'd still like to hear from you.