Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Wish I Could Draw

I've been thinking of different ways to express my artistry. I'm fairly certain I can write, at least no one has run away kicking and screaming after reading my books (a good sign). I'm capable of shooting competent video and editing it (working on a piece about the shelter and being homeless in general). I've been known to write a song (all right, just one so far).

There are, however, come aspects of being an artists I know I will never master or even come close to. First, there is playing music. And I've tried this with some software, I just can't get the hang of it. Maybe that's the software and I just need to write the software to do that (another talent, I think).

I know I can't sing. People really do run away if I try, birds fly away, squirrels shake their fists. I can live with that.

But one talent I really wish I had was the ability to draw.

I have so many ideas that I could animate if only I could draw. The problem with videography is you need subjects to record or actors in this case. If I could draw I could animate my ideas and at least give people an idea of what I wanted to do with a script.

But I've never been able to draw and even my handwriting is suspect. I have friends who can draw and I envy their talent. I suppose I could get them to draw for me, but to me the act of creating is a personal thing, and I'd very likely want to control every aspect of it.

But I've been thinking lately of ways to promote my work, and I don't think that Hollywood is where I want to end up. Yes, it would be nice to be on TV, or in the movies, but I think I would get more personal satisfaction from my art if I were to produce it for the Internet.

For instance, my Timmons Chronicles series could be produced in 20 minute segments, much the same as The Guild, or possibly even as a Youtube series, and there are many like that.

So I can either collaborate with an animator to animate that series, or get together resources like Felicia Day did for the Guild or for her Dragon Age videos.

So here's the deal. If you are an animator, or if you have resources that I don't have and want to help me produce my Timmons Chronicles series, please contact me. I'm sure we can arrange something!

My email address is My phone number is 919-520-1300. Hurry! Operators (or in this case me) are standing by! Don't miss this opportunity!

Have a wonderful day, Internet!