Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Curious Twist

I am now in Charlotte, NC, and my money is down to practically nothing. I still have my rental car until July 20th, which is one reason I chose to come to Charlotte. It's reachable to where I have to drop off the rental car.

I am looking for work, but I'm also looking for shelter. In a strange twist of fate, the local shelter wants proof that I am homeless and also wants proof of where my money went before they'll let me in.

I plan to gather that (it's a lot of receipts) and present it to them, but until I can do that, I have been sleeping in my car. A couple of nights I slept at a rest stop, but it's not all that close to Charlotte and it's an 80 mile round trip to get there and back to Charlotte. I don't have that much gas money. So last night I slept in the parking lot of a Wal-mart. I'd heard of people getting away with that before, and I thought I'd try it out.

At first I parked out of the way, and played with my computer for a few of hours (8-11pm) but then I heard a chirping noise behind me and saw what appeared to be a security car roving around the parking lot. I decided to move the car to a different spot and went into the store to pick up some food.

From the different spot I didn't stick out. I was helped by a downpour that lasted a good 15 minutes. To make a long story short (too late!) I spent the rest of the night half asleep, worried that someone would tap on the glass and tell me to move or worse.

It's not a pleasant existence.

Yet for the moment, it will have to do.

One good thing to come out of the whole situation is I went to the Charlotte Library yesterday and to my delight found that they provide incredible upload speeds. I uploaded more videos yesterday than I've ever had time to before! Visit My youtube page for more information!

That is all for now!