Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Let's See Some Videos!

Below is a list of the different videos I have posted since this grand adventure began, mostly in the last couple of days. I'm going to put them here in the order of which they were shot.

On May 22, 2012, I set out from Raleigh, NC and headed north, to Washington D.C. I was hoping to catch the Washington Nationals before moving on, but that didn't work out. Instead, I went to the Smithsonian. Here are the videos associated with that trip!

Next I continued to travel north and found the Baltimore Orioles playing at home. This is the footage from that trip.

I had hoped to catch the Phillies at home, but I was disappointed. My next stop (at a high toll price) was Pittsburgh, where before the game I caught a street party in progress, as well as the game. This was the most fun I had by myself on the trip.

Next on the agenda was a trip to Massachusetts. I went on a roundabout trip, trying to avoid tolls, and passed through upper New York State to get there. I picked up my daughter along the way and we spent the night near Boston after watching the Red Sox  play. This was extremely ejoyable for me, as I hadn't seen her in 8 years.

After I dropped her off at her home, I headed south again and into Connecticut, I passed a sign that said 'Providence, and on a whim, I followed it. When I got to Providence, I found the Providence Zoo, and on another whim, I went there.

After spending the night near Providence, I traveled south, and saw a sign for a local park that turned out to be a beach. I shot some very windy footage there. Sorry, no bathing beauties.

I then continued my trek south and caught the New York Mets playing at home. This was the most disappointing ball game for several reasons: First, the Mets lost, the only home team to have done so when I was recording. Second the weather threatened all day long and the crowd was non-existent. And third, Citi Field, where the Mets play, felt like I was thrust into one big commercial. Too many ads and other corporate stuff going on for me to really enjoy myself.

After the game, I spent one of the first nights sleepling in my car at a rest stop. Then I headed back to New York to get a look at the Yankees. I caught the arrest of a man (not included on this list) and video of a couple of homeless cats outside Yankee Stadium, before I took the Yankee Stadium tour. They would not let me use video while on that tour and I was reminded of that several times as I used my video camera to take pictures. For my $20 I got some pictures and a keychain with the Yankees logo.

The game itself was somewhat disappointing. Unlike most other parks there was a steady stream of people going up and down the aisle, blocking my view and the camera when I was shooting. And some of the fans were obnoxious too. This is also the only game where I left early, to make sure I caught my train to where I had parked in Connecticut. Still, I had fun.

When I came out of New York, I headed north again. A friend had invited me to a charity lacrosse game in Massachusetts a few days from then. To kills time before then, I headed into upstate New York again and took in Niagara Falls. There is some very good footage in this, as well as shots of the camera lens getting wet as I walked to a spot under the falls. I enjoyed this immensely!

Then I headed back to Massachusetts and took in the lacrosse game. This was a charity game played between the Leominster High School lacrosse team and the coaches and alumni. It raised money for charity and it is called Kirsten's Game after Kirsten Gorman, the daughter of my friend.

After getting intensely sunburn from being on the field so long, I left and headed southwest. At first I thought I'd hit Cleveland, but they weren't playing at home. They were playing in Cincinnati to the south. So to Cincinnati I went. This game was played during the day and I daresay my sunburn wasn't helped by that. Yet it was an enjoyable game. It was the first game I've attended where I missed the first puitch due to traffic issues.

By this time my money was starting to dry up and I thought about finding work in Cincinnati. I stayed there 10 days, putting in applications and got no real bites. I left there feeling somewhat dejected,

As I said in my last post, I am in Charlotte, NC now and looking for work or other opportunities to use my camcorder. I found the Charlotte library has internet access so good that I could upload all of my videos within 3 days. I took advantage of it. I have no shame in that regard.

I hope you enjoy the videos. Remember to like them, click on the ads and share them if you do like them, because that's how I get paid!

Nikon D5100 16.2MP Digital SLR Camera - Body Only - Digital SLRWith any kind of good luck, I will be heading back to Baltimore at the end of July for Otakon. I need cash to make that work! Please help!