Friday, June 1, 2012

It Doesn't Fit!

I have begun my travels across the country, having been to 3 different ball games and several other events. In the week and a half I have been on the road, I have stayed in a hotel all but 1 night, something that will have to change or money will run out before my rental car lease.

As I have stated in previous blogs, I have been injured both on my right knee and my right arm. I have encountered a number of difficulties because of that.

First, the motel rooms where I stay usually have a desk where I can put my laptop and work on editing video or playing Warcraft. The tables are often so high off the ground that my right arm aches when I try to use the mouse. And last night I stayed in a motel in Groton, CT, where the table and chair was so close to the bed that I had real problems getting in.

Baseball parks are guilty of not leaving enough room with their seats too. Wednesday I went to a Boston Red Sox game and had issues. First, I got the row number wrong and was told row 2 started where I thought row 1 would be. I thought that was just as well, because I didn't have enough space in the row to comfortably sit with my right leg that can't bend all the way when sitting. But then the seat I moved to, while more comfortable for my leg, was at almost the same level as row 1, which had a number of folding chairs directly in front of me, and they were mostly full. I could not see home plate because of two guys sitting in those folding chairs directly in my way.

Anther issue with Fenway is there are no escalators and because I went in the wrong gate, I had to climb the stairs leading up the Green Monster and then back down to get to my seat. That is not a short climb, and I have to take them one step at a time.

My car is almost as bad. It's a Ford Focus, a subcompact, and getting in and out of the car with my bum right knee is difficult at best and never easy. I have to pull myself up and out and I have to hop when getting out of the car so that my knee doesn't have to bend.

This is one reason I wanted to buy a van.

The bottom line is, though I having a tremendous amount of fun, it's not all fun, and if I had to do it all over again, I would have bought that van. But I don't have enough money now and what I do have has to go toward gas (don't buy gas in CT) and the nickel and dime stuff that will empty my wallet all together too soon.

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