Friday, July 20, 2012

I'm going to miss that car

Today, I turn my rental car in for the first time in 60 days. We've had some good times in that interval, that Ford Focus and I. Long hours driving (over 6K miles, most in the first 30 days) Long hours sleeping in it, at first in the back scrunched in, then laying in the driver's seat, reclined back. Playing with my computer, watching TV on it, listening to the radio and hearing songs that I've never heard before because I didn't have access to a radio before. Some of the songs I would rather not hear again, as they were not that good to begin with and ALL the radio stations played them over and over again.

I had a similar attachment to  my previous car. I didn't live out of it, (not all the time anyway) but I still felt a connection to it. I miss that car most, because it was all mine. I totaled it in 2005 when I rear-ended a truck in a dangerous intersection. I didn't know it was dangerous until it was too late. The tow truck driver told me as he was hauling my car away, the front end smashed.


Now I've gone and made myself cry. I'll be crying again in a couple of hours when I turn the car in.

Seriously, anyone have a old car or van they want to give away? I promise it will make a good home!

In the meantime, enjoy this bicycle ad!