Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm a Loner - Fear Not

First, my condolences to those affected by the killing spree in Aurora Colorado. I use to live in that area long ago.

It seems every time one of these shootings happens, the press like to make it very clear that the perpetrator is a loner.

As if it were impossible for someone who is socially astute to commit such crimes.

I am a loner. I have been all my life. I prefer to sit by myself somewhere, reading, writing, shooting videos in the background. I am about as passive as they come.

I am also as peaceful as they come. Yes, I sometimes stand up to make my voice heard, but I will never do it in a violent way. Even in my writing I try very hard to keep the violence to a minimum, or at the very least show the consequences of violence.

So what are we to do with these loners? It's obvious they are the ones committing atrocious acts. Shall we lock up all those that do not have someone else with them at all times? Shall we make it a crime to sit under a tree reading a book? Shall we give every loner a psychological evaluation and then use drugs to transform them into society's picture of perfection? The kind of people who make friends easily? The life of the party - every party?

Honestly, we just want to be left alone to do the things we like to do. In very rare instances that includes plotting to kill people. But then, you'll find that outgoing, personable people go crazy too. Those that need mental health treatment are hard to recognize - until it's too late. Even the crazy ones aren't likely to think of themselves that way.

The truth is, there is no easy answer to prevent outbreaks like what happened in Aurora. Thankfully, such outbreaks are so rare that even in this gun-totin', game playin' society, it shocks people.

Where's Batman when you need him?