Saturday, February 6, 2010

At the risk of giving away secrets...aka SPOILER ALERT!

Here is the 'Bible' of the 'Timmons Chronicles' series as it stood a few months ago. I have actually changed the pilot somewhat, but it will give you an indication of where it started and where it's going.
The Timmons Chronicles Bible: Outline
I. Brief Description
II. Brief Character Descriptions
1. Bobby Timmons
2. Dottie Brown
3. Penny Thomas
4. Sarah Brown
5. The Old Man
6. Brad and Lorie Timmons
III. Season One Summaries
IV. Wither Next?

I. Brief Description
Tagline: ‘X-Files’ meets ‘Lost’
As the title suggests, this series chronicles a series of events in the life of Bobby Timmons. Bobby is not normal in any way. He’s the product of a time-travel experiment that did not go quite right. Bobby’s future-self travels back in time in an effort to stop a cataclysmic event that wipes out all life on Earth.
Only his future self is in his 70’s and is in poor health. He has also left behind his beloved wife, Dottie, who made time-travel possible. His future self, obsessed with accomplishing his mission, uses his expertise with computers to build one that will help him accomplish the mission.
He finds in Dottie’s notes plans to make a rejuvenator, builds it and uses it to make himself younger. He can’t immediately restore his memory, so he builds holograms that serve as parents, while a holograph of him as his old self serves as mentor and guide for the young Bobby.
Only, he’s not all that easy to get along with, either in his old holographic form, or his young flesh and blood form. Once the truth comes out to young Bobby of who he is and what is expected of him, they frequently bump heads as to what the best thing to do is.
The one thing young Bobby Timmons wants out of life is to be normal. Unfortunately, he also realizes that until his mission is fulfilled, that is the last thing he will ever be.
And to top it all off, the girl his future self marries is just as hard-headed and hard to get along as Bobby is. He doesn’t find himself attracted to her in the least when they first meet. He is, however, strongly attracted to Dottie’s friend, Penny.
The piece de resistance of this group is young Sarah Brown, Dottie’s sister. Bobby senses something wonderful about this child, and yet something tragic is doomed to happen to this girl.
So Bobby must weigh the consequences of interfering with the normal timeline, versus the consequences of not interfering. He must also weigh in how his actions or lack thereof affect the whole world. Can he balance the power he has with the need to keep it quiet? For surely if the world knew about his gifts and technology, he would never be left alone, and his life and the lives of his friends would be in constant peril.

II. Brief Character Descriptions
1. Bobby Timmons
To call Bobby a typical early-teen would be an incredible underestimation. To say that he wants to be a normal teen would be right on the money. He will never be normal. He’s slowly coming to grips with that.
So what makes Bobby different? He has access to vast amounts of data, past, present and future; he’s an above-average martial arts pro; he can read the minds of anyone he touches. Different enough?
The bottom line is that Bobby is trying to weigh everything he knows with his experience, of which just portions are things he has actually experienced. It can overwhelm him sometimes, but he can spend a few hours meditating and all is right with the world again, until the next semi-psychotic episode.
2. Dottie Brown
Dottie also has control problems. She has gifts she has suppressed over the years, so as not to appear too different from her friends. She’s athletic, a tomboy, a budding Einstein who’d rather be a Watson. At least for now. She has accumulated a hatred for boys that may be hard for her to overcome. Yet, she’s pretty, when she wants to be, and can be nice. She’s tall, red-headed and has a temper that can send most of the boys running.
3. Penny Thomas
Penny wears her emotions out on her sleeve. She’s rich, well-traveled, and as much as Dottie hates boys, she loves them. She’s not as tall as Dottie, but is better developed. She’s blonde, and acts like it sometimes, but inside is an untapped genius just waiting for the right circumstances. She’s the diplomat at times, hosting parties, mending fences, except perhaps those around her. She’s curious, and simply wants to know the truth. She hates being lied to.
4. Sarah Brown
Sarah is by far the most talented, smartest and open person in the series. As much as Dottie tries to hide her gifts, Sarah wants to use them. She discovers Bobby’s secrets before anyone else, and draws knowledge from him when they are close at first, then from afar. There are no bounds to her abilities and she will likely find something new to do every day. And she has a crush on Bobby, which she does nothing to hide.
5. The Old Man
What can you say about a computer that has everything? The Old Man was designed around Bobby’s future self. It has his memories, his instructions, more power than any one entity should ever have, yet it lacks compassion. Spock would love this guy.
6. Brad and Lorie Timmons
Well what you can’t pack into the main decision-maker, you can pack into sidekicks. They were designed to care for Bobby until he reached the age of six; to teach him compassion when The Old Man could not; to teach him love when the Old Man could not; to mend his wounds and keep his fortune secure. They are the illusion of a happy couple whose pride and joy is their only concern.
III. Season One Summaries
1. Episode 1 – Future Imperfect – Pilot
Six-year-old boy discovers on his birthday that he is not who he thinks he is.
2. Episode 2 – Theater Boy
Bobby Timmons meets Dottie Brown for the first time – and regrets it.
3. Episode 3 – What a Strange Boy
Dottie and Penny find Bobby’s behavior a little…odd.
4. Episode 4 – Time for a redo
Bobby risks his life for Sarah
5. Episode 5 – The Room Inside Bobby’s Mind
Bobby shows Sarah how to read minds.
6. Episode 6 – Suspicions Torment My Heart
Bobby must lie to Penny to protect his secrets.
7. Episode 7 – Sasha
Sasha returns to make Bobby’s life miserable.
8. Episode 8 – A Halloween To Forget
Sasha manipulates Bobby and Penny.
9. Episode 9 – Mending Fences
Bobby makes up with Penny
10. Episode 10 – QSA Is Not A-OK
Bobby’s mission comes to the forefront.
11. Episode 11 – Gambel’s Gamble
Walter Gambel has second thoughts about his betrayal.
12. Episode 12 – A Return to Normal?
A calm before the storm?
13. Episode 13 – Unlucky Uncle
Thanksgiving arrives with a bang.
14. Episode 14 – Truth Be Told/Jack’s Back
Bobby confesses and plans for revenge.
15. Episode 15 – West and Wewaxation at Wast?
The gang have a much-needed break.
16. Episode 16 – Holiday Spirits
Sarah and Bobby have a paranormal experience.
17. More Friends/More Enemies
Penny meets her cousins. Caruthers begins spying.
18. Episode 18 – Sasha’s Revenge
Sasha goes to the FBI.
19. Episode 19 – Mind Recon
The spying intensifies. Bobby has a paranoia attack.
20. Episode 20 – The Timmons Incident
The investigation reaches an explosive climax.
21. Episode 21 – What Else can Go Wrong?
Penny is held for questioning.
22. Episode 22 – Where’s Bobby?
A Congressional hearing has some startling consequences.
23. Episode 23 – Stuck in Paradise
Penny is overcome with boredom
24. Episode 24 – Reawakening
Sarah wakes from her coma. Bobby is found.

IV. Whither Next?
Season One of The Timmons Chronicles went from small-town America to the steps of the Capitol while disturbing the lives of the families involved. The plan for Season Two is to increase the reach of the children to encompass not only the rest of the world, but Earth’s orbit and possibly further, while walking a thin line between peace and war.
Some highlights include: Bobby attempting to strike an agreement with President Reagan to ensure his safety; Bobby creating an island of his own in the middle of the ocean, and attempting to communicate with dolphins; Bobby attempting to broker peace between Israel and Palestine; Penny growing bored with life on the run and leaving Bobby; Bobby getting kidnapped and finding he has a twin: his original self from the previous timeline, who while looking like Bobby, acts nothing like him.
Overall, the series will attempt to constantly push the envelope on where they go and with whom they interact. War, sadly, is inevitable as rogue countries attempt to steal Bobby’s technology. The question then becomes, how much muscle does Bobby show? He has the ability to defend himself, but at what cost? And when does it all end? Will he ever be safe?