Saturday, February 6, 2010

Burned out

Yesterday I actually chewed out my supervisor.
The calls had been back to back all night, and I took some personal time to get myself back together. After a few minutes of personal time, I got a message to get back in available. No please, no thank you, just do it. Then I was disconnected from my phone. I didn't even have time to get back into available.
So I sent an email to my supervisor complaining about it. I got a response from our area supervisor who politely told me to get back on the phone.
Never have I felt so burned out and demoralized at a job than last night. I somehow made it through the rest of the night, even though most of it was back to back (still unexplained as to why), and at the end, I crawled into bed, beaten.
Thankfully today is my day off. I have slept about 10 hours total, feel somewhat better, though there's a migraine still lurking out there with my name on it.
I had planned to make up some time today, lost due to the current migraine, but I'm not. I hate losing the extra income, I hate not being in 'adherence', but my physical and mental health are at risk.
I have scheduled some vacation time in a week and a half. I hope this time it will be accepted, because if not I'm likely to do something I'll regret.
Lol, I watching 'Blazing Saddles' at this moment, and 'I'm tired' is on. That describes me to a tee right now.
Now, since I have a bit of energy, I think I'll work on that script a bit.