Thursday, April 5, 2012

Good News and Bad News - Or 'Thank you sir, may I have another!'

As an update, I can move my arm a little better, but it won't go beyond perpendicular to my body. Still, some progress. The knee hasn't really changed much, and it looks like what I have is what I'll have to live with.

I found out today that my lawyer contacted the insurance agency handling the cllaim, and there is only $30,000 worth of bodily injury insurance on the policy. My lawyer gets $7,000. If there are any liens on the settlement, up to half of the remaining amount does toward that. My own share could be as high as $23,000 or as low as $11,500. I should check to see if there are any liens, but the bottom line is there is more than $30,000 in medical bills. The trauma ward alone is $26,000. Plus MIR, a $500 brace and a multitude of X-Rays, the EMS bill and others that likely put the total above $40,000. So if I get $11,500 from it, there will still be close to $30,000 in unpaid bills.

I have to think of myself first, and my situation, so whatever I get will go toward finding me a home, even if it's temporary. I still have a hard time getting around, but I should be able to look for work.

Or I'd like to invest some f the money into my own business.

I'll have to think hard about where to go from here, but I feel like every time something even remotely positive happens in my life, I get kicked in the ribs.

I suppose I should be grateful to get that much. I'm grateful I'm not dead. I'm grateful the arm, at least, is starting to recover. But I won't be getting the operation to repair my knee, and I'll likely walk with a limp and with pain for the rest of my life.

No, I'm not happy!