Thursday, April 26, 2012

Back to a Favorite Pastime

I have begun the process of getting my driver's license, and since it can take a couple of weeks before I get the license and therefore purchase the van I so desire, I've taken the opportunity to delve back into my favorite of all things to do: Play World of Warcraft.

Now way back when, when I had some money to spare and a regular job, even if it didn't pay very much, I started not only playing the game, but playing more than one account at the same time. That's called dual-boxing, or multi-boxing using the vernacular of gaming. I must admit, I had a blast. But a few things kept me from really enjoying it as much as I wanted. First, the control factor of handling more than one character. Then jumping from screen to screen so each character could accomplish what it needed to get the quests done.

I ran into an Add-on, a bit of code that attaches itself to the Warcraft game files, called Jamba, which seemed to help a great deal. It formed a group automatically, it had a way for characters to follow the leader, and it had a few other things that were useful.

In this, my second attempt to multi-box, I revisited Jamba, and found that it had grown. It still did some of the useful stuff it did before, but I didn't like some of the aspects of the add-on. So I stopped using it. I searched for other tools to help me on the way, and found Game Commander. That program cost money, with no free to try available. I bought it, since I have some money to spare, and really, I wish I hadn't.

You see, some multi-boxers like to see what all their characters are doing at once, and Game Commander let you set up the screen so that you could see all the screens, and none of them were full-size. I hate that. It also let you send keys and mouse-clicks to another screen, but frankly, that was awkward at best.

Maybe I didn't give it enough time. but I don't want an aid that I have to read a manual to get to work, or where I have to get used to doing things a different way. I want one screen. I want my DPS to target what the tank is targeting with the press of one button. I want other things, but give me those two and a reliable follow system, and I'll be happy for now.

I want ONE OF TEN.

One of Ten is my idea of what a multi-boxing add-on should be, at least for World of Warcraft. I'm going to start out simply, creating macros for each class that will do what I want it to do.

Now as far as sharing keystrokes between windows, I have looked into programming that myself, and I will look into it again, but for right now, I'm going to use the same program I used before, Keyclone. I even did a youtube video on it. It's simple, and I like that over its competition.

So begins the first of Mike's News Hangout's special reports: Multi-boxing. I had hoped to stream live video of me multi-boxing, but the simple fact is, I don't have the tools for that at the moment, unless I were to do it by video camera, which I don't really want to do. I will be recording my screen, however and posting the results on youtube. I won't get paid for it, but I might draw some interest. I won't get paid for it because youtube won't pay when there are video games concerned, probably worried about getting sued. I can't blame them. But I will be asking for ads on my own web site.

And I'll be having fun, which to me, is mostly what counts. I'll post the videos here too!