Thursday, November 1, 2012

5,000 Views and Counting

This site just passed its 5,000th view. I want to thank those that took the time to read my rants. I'm hoping for a lot more views in the future!

A few meanderings:

On "Superstorm Sandy": My heart goes out to those affected by the storm. Here in Raleigh we experienced rain and wind, but not as much as other areas. I'd like to comment to those who blame this storm on global warming, or God's Retribution: First, this was only a category 1 hurricane. It happened to hit land in the most densely populated area that it could, and that is what caused the damage. Second, this was an act of nature. It wasn't nearly as intense as it could have been. If the storm had come ashore in the Carolinas, it would have fizzled before hitting anywhere else. Let's clean up and move on.

I will be starting a new class at Wake Tech on Monday that will cover working at the front desk in the medical field. It's a free course to me. I'll learn about medical billing etc. It should be fun!

I'm still hoping Mike's News Hangout will get funding. After all, if no one else will hire me, I know I will! Current totals from AdSense are $45.40. And growing.

That is all!