Thursday, November 8, 2012

Finally, Election 2012 is over - mostly

A few meanderings about the election:

I dunno, I feel like the election may have been called a bit early. CBS based their info on 'exit poll data,' which to me is stupid, because I voted, and was ever asked who I voted for.

Not that I'm disputing the result, my guy won, after all, but I felt more time was required.

Two states voted to legalize marijuana. I have very negative feelings about that. I'm allergic to smoke in general, or at least hypersensitive about it, so if I had my way, both mary jane and cigarettes would be illegal, but I rarely get my way.

Moore Square, where the buses congregate to breed, is filled to the brim with smokers, and yes, the smell of marijuana. It's also filled with cops, and you'd think they'd enforce the law when it comes to pot, but they don't. And what this basically means is they've already declared pot legal.

Alcohol is at least as dangerous as pot, yet it's legal. Yet when I see someone who is drunk and smell it on their breath (a frequent occurrence), I'm not in danger of getting drunk myself. On the other hand, when someone smokes marijuana nearby, I stand the risk of inhaling that crap and failing a drug test.

Even if pot were legalized, I'd still fail that drug test, because you can't be in the program under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

So while part of me is resigned to think that pot should be legalized, but only because it's not enforced anywhere, the other, larger part of me is warning that no good can come from it.

(Steps off soap box)

It bothers me that while Obama won, the Republicans retained control of the House. Isn't that what led to the stalemate we've had over the last 2 years?

I'm happy that the jerks who let show their true feelings about rape and women were not re-elected. Shows we have some common sense after all. Some.

So I wish President Obama the best of luck in the next 4 years. Oh, and can I have a job? ;-)