Thursday, September 27, 2012

Re-introducing: Mike's News Hangout!

I've been vacillating lately, between what the shelter wants me to do, which is find a job - any job, by brushing up on my job search and interviewing skills as well as putting in applications, well, everywhere; and trying to find funding for Project Five-Star, which is still high on my priority list but the obstacles to overcome for that seem insurmountable; and finally the business that I tried to get off the ground back in February: Mike's News Hangout.

All the work I've put into all of those endeavors and right now I don't have much to show for it: No job, only a few donations to Project Five-Star, and a stalled business...

Well that's not exactly true. Mike's News Hangout at the moment is the only aspect of my life that's making money. It's not much money, but the whole business plan was to make money through ads on the youtube videos that I posted. At last count there are 392 videos on my Youtube account, and I have $39.24 in my AdSense account. I don't get any of that until it reaches $100.

I had hoped that the money I got from AdSense would have paid for my expenses while on the road. Perhaps I need to edit my videos better, and I will, but the bottom line is that people watch the videos. I get 1,000 - 1,500 hits every month, not a small amount, but unfortunately, it's not enough to make ends meet.

So what's an entrepreneur to do? If I had money I'd buy ad space on Youtube so that more people will watch my videos. Of course, if I had money I'd be on the road.

So I'm taking another look at Mike's News Hangout. A re-introduction if you will. No, I don't have a car or van. Even my camera is sitting in a pawn shop at the moment. But I do have my computer and I have some time. I want to edit the video I have shot to put it in a more coherent form, package it, if you will.

I have plans for Mike's News Hangout. The original idea was shoot events and people and especially baseball games. I've changed things a little. I want to find the good in America and other places; people, events and generally feel-good moments.

And I want to hire someone to travel with me, to be the face of Mike's News Hangout. I'd prefer a female, cute, geeky and an extrovert to offset my maleness,  my lack of cuteness, and my introversion. I'd like to do a nationwide search for that. I'd like a lot of things. I need money! If you're a venture capitalist, I'd love to hear from you!

I have put up a google web site at and I have also put up a contribution site at, through Indigogo.

Will it lead to anything? Only time will tell.

If you like the videos on my youtube page, click like and share. If you don't like them, I can live with that. Let me know what kind of video you'd like to see. And contribute, so that I can start shooting that video.

And as always, thanks for watching!

Mike Fox
Owner, operator and all around nice guy at Mike's News Hangout.