Thursday, September 13, 2012

Same Old, Same Old

I've been in happy ruts before, working, playing, getting paid, even paying bills - slowly, but right now I'm in a jobless, homeless, no money, not much fun rut and...


The worst part is, I'm trying to apply for the kind of jobs I know I can do, and I'm still not hearing from anyone. What, am I on some kind of national blacklist? Have hiring managers been looking at my Youtube Page and going "No, never in a million years?"

Well, if that's happening, I'm sorry, I'm not going to take it down. If you won't hire me because of that, I don't want to work for you.

But I do want to work! If you can't guess my skillset from my WRITING and VIDEOS, let me tell you something about my skills:

I started out in college at Florida State University as a French Major. Yes, for a time, I spoke pretty fluent French and could write well also.

But times changed and so did my major, to Computer Science. I learned advanced mathematics, computer architecture, and PROGRAMMING in a mainframe environment (Control Data Assembly, PASCAL and COBOL, with a little FORTRAN mixed in.) I even had some experience during that time in what amounted to volunteer work (or "contract if you ask the owner") at a small company that used a minicomputer to handle data entry for a small insurance company. I programmed in SYBOL and handled day to day routines.

Broke and fed up with empty promises, I moved on from both Florida State and that company and moved to Tampa, where I did CLERICAL work for another insurance company.

Then I started taking a course in ELECTRONICS at a small 'college' in Tampa and eventually earned a 'diploma' there. I moved to Las Vegas and worked with repairing slot machines and video poker machines.

After Las Vegas I wandered for a bit, taking odd jobs, but landed a temporary job as a COMPUTER OPERATOR, working tape drives, running BATCH jobs with MVS/JES2.

Then I turned to sales at RADIO SHACK. I sold small parts, all kinds of electronics and I started learning about PC's and DOS, and the relatively new WINDOWS 3.0.

Seeing a trend here? I hope so. Tomorrow I'll continue after Radio Shack and tell you what else I can do.

Thanks for reading.