Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Trail Preparation: The Tent and Sleeping Bag

I tried to build the tent tonight, and ran into a few snags. Looks like I can pitch it myself and be fairly comfortable, but the tent instructions say to hook up certain hooks in the seam of the tent to the poles, and only the bottom row of hooks are actually on the seam. I can still get the tent up and I can live in it, but I like getting what I pay for. I sent an email to the customer service email on the documentation of the tent and am still waiting to hear back. If they can't get me a fully-functioning tent before I leave, I may return it to the store.
I rolled up the sleeping bag for the first time, took me 4 attempts to get it compressed enough to fit in the bag. Yet it has been done, and I am satisfied with the sleeping bag!
The boots seem to be unharmed at the moment, but I will be breaking them in before I leave.
Also, as a last note, remind me to stretch before going out on on a hike. My calves are barking a little.
Have a wonderful night.