Thursday, October 11, 2012

CompUSA Bad, HP Great!

I didn't have a particularly good weekend. It rained, it was cold, my knee was killing me, and the power adapter for my computer suddenly decided to stop working.

At first I thought I'd hop over to CompUSA, where I bought the computer back in April, and see if they could provide a replacement adapter on the spot. I waited outside CompUSA for 40 minutes for them to open, went in, explained my issue, and was told in no uncertain terms that the power adapter was not covered by warranty. I left the store less than 2 minutes after I went in, angry and frustrated.

I borrowed a friend's adapter to put a charge on my computer and then fired off an email to HP customer service, explaining my problem and frustration. I heard back a day later saying they would be happy to replace it and it was still in warranty.

I am so angry with CompUSA at the moment. Maybe I should have asked for a manager when I went in, but I was not in the mood to be polite about it. But I know that I'll never go there again.

I want to give kudos to HP for their friendly, effective customer service. They are replacing the adapter at no charge and sending it via Fed Ex. I can't ask for more than that.

As for CompUSA, there was a reason the store went out of business the first time. It looks like history is repeating itself. I won't miss them this time.