Saturday, October 20, 2012


A sampling from the events and thoughts from the last week:

1. I have a code in my node. My cough, which had been improving, has worsened again. The problem is phlegm, coming out of my over-productive sinuses and dripping into my throat. The phlegm then hardens and sticks into my throat, causing me to not be able to breath very well until I cough and dislodge the phlegm. I've had this problem for years, and I'm sure the problem cost me more than one job. In its worst case, I was driving home from work (back when I had a car) and suddenly found myself unable to draw a breath, let alone cough it out. Luckily I was almost home (literally in the parking lot) and was able to pull over. I had planned to run into my apartment and call 911, but before that happened, the phlegm loosened and I could breathe. I could not breathe for about a minute. Not a pleasant situation. I live with it, though others think I'm spreading the plague. F*ck them. I have yet to find a medication that will help this condition.

2. Earlier today I watched the Big Bang Theory while streaming online. I had tried that last night, but the wifi here was so congested that it would have taken all night to watch it. It was still start and stop, but since the people who usually take up bandwidth by downloading torrents are still asleep, it was easier. I bring up torrents because the man sitting next to me at the moment was downloading the program that allows such torrents to run. I have never been tempted to do such an illegal thing. In fact, I get people all the time who ask me if I have any movies or songs they can download to their ipods and computers. I politely tell them no, and they look at me like something's wrong with me. Forgive me if I choose to stay on the right side of the law. I suppose there's a reason why some of these people have spent time in prison, while the worst I've done is a night in jail over a disputed check.

3. I started a class this week that teaches me how to find work online where I will actually work online from anywhere that has an Internet connection. The point of the course, however, is lost because there are 6 other men from the shelter taking that course, and none of them is computer literate. So the instructor is being forced to help them along more than she normally would. I'm helping where I can, but I'm only going to go so far without being paid. I have, however, learned of several useful web sites, like, a presentation-building web site. The instructor suggested I try to find work as a 'Virtual Assistant' which can mean a lot of things, but in my case a proofreader position would be nice. I was trying to look for web sites offering such positions and when I found one that doesn't require a subscription fee, they wanted their proofreaders to have at least a Master's Degree. I'll have to do more research.

4. The last blog, where I asked for applications for an assistant for Mike's News Hangout has drawn exactly 0 applicants. I suppose I'll have to have the money in hand to get any interest. My daughter did offer, but bless her heart, she's even more introverted than I am, and I really could use an extrovert. I really enjoyed traveling with her in the Spring, and I won't rule out traveling with her again, but she has a job right now, even if it is part time, and I won't take money out of her hands. If you're interested, though, the position is still open, and my desire to make Mike's News Hangout work has not diminished!

That's all the randomness I can muster for today.

Oh, one more note: As of today, my AdSense account has accumulated $42.30, an increase of roughly $3 from the last time I reported such totals. May not seem like much, but that comes from mostly 2-3 videos on my youtube account. Imagine if I had a hundred videos making $5/month. This is the basis for making Mike's News Hangout, and why I need to hire an assistant. Making a profit is possible!