Thursday, October 25, 2012

Generating Income

As an addendum to my last post I commented that my AdSense account had generated a few dollars from the last report. I'm pleased to report that has increased again in the last few days, and October has proved to be the most profitable month so far, generating more than $5 in income, raising my total to above $44.

The big generators so far have been my video on how to set up KeyClone, which was done several years ago, and by the way is still valid, my videos dealing with my Panda washer, and my videos on how to work Sudoku.

I fully expect those videos to continue driving income, hopefully more, but I'd be satisfied with the current level, if I could only generate other videos to drive even more income.

Well, short of a benefactor to help me get started, the only way for me to get things going is by my own hard work. I've been taking a course on how to find work online, work at home type things. Now my current situation makes phone work unappealing (Who wants to hear the sounds of a shelter in the background of a phone call?) so I'm working on finding work that does not require phones, such as proofreading, online chats/emails for tech support or customer support and the like. This line of work has real potential for someone working at a shelter, and I'm hopeful that something will be forthcoming soon. I can also take this type of job on the road as long as I have access to the internet.

So that is the plan for the next 2 weeks, find what I can and then work it as often as I can.

Healthwise, my shoulder gets beat on 2 times a week, by a very competent therapist. We're making progress, as he stretches my shoulder and arm where they haven't been since the accident. It is a painful process, though. One particular tendon isn't cooperating and just hurts like hell when it is manipulated. Still, I'll survive.

That is all!