Saturday, October 13, 2012

Help Wanted: Mike's News Hangout - Assistant

It's time to pull all the stops out and get this company off to a roaring restart. I plan to finish putting together a business plan that will highlight what I've done so far, what little money I've made from it, and what money could be made if I can get the funding for one year of operations.

The key is for me to hire someone who is energetic, young, appealing, an extrovert and is capable of helping me shoot, edit and post videos, as well as sharing the driving.

No, I don't have the money right now. So if you want the job you might have to help me raise some money.

So here are the qualifications I'm looking for:

18+ (I'd consider 17 if you've graduated from High School.)
Visually appealing (as in when people see you on video, they like you.)
The ability to shoot, edit and post video. Experience with youtube is a definite plus!
Computer and Internet literate - Windows (or you can bring your own Macbook.)
A valid driver's licence with no recent marks against it. No DWI at all!
Non-Smoker (I'm allergic to cigarette smoke, not good to piss off the boss.)
No drugs (especially if you drive.)
Willing to spend some nights in a motel (separate beds) and some nights sleeping in the van to save money.
Willing to interview people (personable, friendly.)
I'm willing to accept applications from male or female, but if you're male, you'd better knock my socks off. I need someone to counter my deficiencies.
Willing to commit to the road for one year. I'll make it worth your while, I hope.
I'd be happier if you were a geek and can speak 1337-speak along with me. If you're a gamer, even better. Not necessary to like World of Warcraft, but it will help, since at least some of our videos may center around that.

What I need from you:
An email to me at at that gives me your name, and a little about yourself and why you want the job. Attach or link a video that gives me the basics of your personality. It can be made for me, like an interview (use your imagination, a good thing to have), or something you recorded before. Why do I need this? Several reasons. First, I need to see how you look and act on video. Second, if you get the job, I want something I can present to a potential lender to show them that I want to hire someone to help me make money from this.

One more thing I'll need if you get the job is help raising money. Being the introverted person I am, I'm not outgoing enough to be the spokesperson. I need an extroverted person who knows a lot of people who can donate small sums and help us get off the ground.

My Donation Page

What I'm willing to give in return:

Assuming we make the goal for donations and/or loans, I am willing to pay a salary of $20,000 for the first year, plus room and board (yes some nights spent in the van) for the entire year. If things go well, I'll pay a bonus based on the profits (after loans paid) of the advertising we get.

What you get:

A chance to see the country.
To see your smiling face on youtube.
A chance for others to see your smiling face on youtube.
Oh yeah, a place to stay and food to eat and $20,000 at least.

My Youtube Site

Here you can see some of the video I've already show and get a feel for what I want to do. (And why I need help!)

Okay, that's it! I may (with permission) post some of the videos on my youtube site. Good luck to all of us!

Mike Fox
Mike's News Hangout