Monday, May 9, 2011

A Change to the Plot!

I worked more on the scripts for my proposed television series, The Timmons Chronicles. The series is based on my novels, 'Theater Boy,' and 'The Timmons Incident.'
The first episode was not something that was included in the book, though parts of it were hinted at. The second through 5th episodes went pretty much the way the book did.
However, for the sixth episode, I went off on a tangent, even the main character hinted that he may become unpredictable. That will last for an episode or two, then one of the defining moments of the series will happen, and the plot will return to what happens in the book, more or less.
I did this because I wanted to give my main character more power and be less dependent on his 'family.'
I'm not sure where I'm going to take it yet. I've reached the end of what I had written out last year, and it's all new. it ought to be fun, though.
I found a penny in the shelter Sunday, and decided my luck needed to change, so I picked it up. My luck was fine for all of Sunday. A friend paid me back $2 he had borrowed. We'll see if it holds up
I am STILL waiting for my state tax refund, North Carolina!!!!! I can't express how much I need this money!
That is all!