Monday, May 16, 2011

Wonderful Weekend - Sorta

The weather was wet on Saturday, but for the most part I was dry, either in the library or in the shelter. Saturday night was relatively quiet, though much to my surprise, I found them showing the Baseball game on Fox on the community TV. I love baseball and can't get enough of it, but it's sorely lacking in the Raleigh area. there is no baseball team in Raleigh, per se. There's a famous team in Durham,  but really, it's too long a trip and I have no money to spare. There's another minor league team not far, but still far enough to make it impossible for me to watch. I suppose I could watch NC State play baseball. But I'm not that desperate.
But I like to watch on TV, and usually in the shelter, they're showing basketball or racing on Saturday. I can tolerate racing, but I can't stand basketball. So I was thrilled to watch the game Saturday night.
Then I went to bed. Sunday morning, around 3am, I woke to pains in my side. I've already had my appendix out, and this hurt pretty bad. At first I was thinking liver problems. I felt chills and feverish, and then I felt the kind of aches and pains associated with the flu.
Great, thanks guys for giving me the flu.
Later that morning around 5am, I felt the need to throw up. Joy! Except I had an empty stomach, so nothing but dry heaves. Fun!
Strange part was after that I started to feel somewhat better. I got about half an hour's sleep before the lights came on, and the I felt okay enough to eat breakfast. I managed to hold that down, went back to bed.
Later I got up, did laundry, and basically spent the entire afternoon in bed.
By the time dinner rolled around, I felt okay, still an occasional twinge.
So whatever it was, the dry heaves got rid of it, or moved it, or something. I'm feeling okay now.
For my second topic, the shelter strips the wax off the floors and rewaxes them, a time consuming process,  twice a year. Now is the time. They warned us Friday that we'd be forced to leave the center early, 7am instead of 8am. They turned the lights on in the dorm today at 5am, half an hour early, but they served breakfast at the usual time, something that irks me. Why wake me up early but not serve breakfast early? But it's nothing I have control over.
That process will continue through Friday. Yay. I think.
My writing continued, with work on episode 7 of 'The Timmons Chronicles' continuing. For those that have read the book, we're up to the point where a certain chemist bites the big one. Not the first death of the series, mind you, but the first one directly involving the protagonist. And, sadly, not the last.
Writing will continue.
I have, however, to concentrate on finding any kind of job. My case worker made that crystal clear. It's tough to do, however, when you have no phone, except for the one to the shelter. I think I've made the point before but if you're an HR person trying to contact me and you get 'South Wilmington Street Center' when you dial the number I provide, you might think twice about hiring me. Maybe. At any rate, I have to go through the motions at the very least, so today I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon filling out a Walmart application. Wish me luck!