Tuesday, May 31, 2011

*Sniff* Nobody loves me! *Sniff*

Today I found out the results of the storyboardtv.com pilot contest. I was not one of the top ten. Believe it or not, I prepared myself for this outcome, though I thought I stood a reasonable chance.
But that is life for a writer. Rejection is part of the game. It will; not stop me from writing, or pursuing my goals, which is to get the pilot on the air! Sometime in the near future I plan to send an email to the people at storyboardtv and rub their noses in it.
On the bright side, I have finished the rough drafts of episodes 1-10, working diligently on number 11. The plot is shifting, things are happening out of order from the book, but it's very similar.
I plan to start working diligently for textbroker.com, getting some money in so I can fulfill my *evil* plan of making more money. What a vicious cycle it is!
Hope your holiday was happy. I'll just carry on *sniff* writing. (j/k)