Wednesday, January 27, 2010

'I wish you would die in an accident'

That's exactly what someone told me today. Someone from New York. And I was trying to help the guy by getting him in touch with the department that handles his type of phone. He would have none of it. If I couldn't solve his problem, he'd just hang up, but he didn't hang up. I offered again to transfer him. 'I wish you would die in an accident' I hung up on him.
That sounded more like a threat than anything else I've heard in my 8+ years in customer service. I was so tempted to send his information the the FBI. I'm still tempted.
What on earth would make someone think they could say that over a phone line?
I'm livid right now to the point where if I weren't already far behind this week, I'd stop working for the rest of the night.
But I need the hours. He needs to get a life. Or maybe he needs to get life.