Sunday, January 24, 2010

Work: Methinks she doth protest too much

I had a caller recently, a New Yorker, whom I had asked whether she still had the cable that came with her phone so she could hook it up to her computer. She said, rather hotly, that she never got one. I replied that she should have, and she then accused me of calling her a liar.
Why do people do that?
If I'd wanted to call you a liar, I would say so to your face. I have no problem acting the same way you do. -Acting, mind you. I'm not like that.
As it was, I wondered whether people who say things like that are really lying to me after all. Maybe she lost the cable somewhere and didn't want to admit it and when I called her on it, she became defensive.
At any rate, let's combine two gripes into one blog.
She was a New Yorker. These people, and yes, I'll lump them all together, because I have yet to see someone born and raised in New York who wasn't like this, seem to go out of their way to either offend, or act offended at the slightest provocation. They are rude, demanding and think the world revolves around them.
Maybe they don't see their faults because everyone they know acts that way, and finding someone who truly cares and is considerate in that bunch is like finding a needle in a haystack. So when they're dealing with someone who isn't one of them, their first reaction is to try to take advantage of them.
I wonder how customer service agents from that area act around them? Do they put on the tough guy/gal act too? 'Ey, you want something from me, ya bastard? Go to hell.'
Yeah I can totally see that.
And you can't fire them because they're all like that!
Maybe I need to work in New York!
Nah, I'd rather work from home, home being in any place but New York or California.
Have a wonderful evening! Even those from New York.
And for God's sake, lighten up!