Friday, January 1, 2010

Sharp start to the New Year

After the last posting, I actually got one more call before the shift ended, so the last hour was the busiest of the night.
That said, New Year's Day has been brisk, Not back to back, most of the time, but far busier than New Year's Eve. How much life do you not have to call about your phone on a holiday.
More importantly, come tomorrow, the calls will likely be flying out the door. Thankfully, I will not be on the phones then, it's my weekend.  I will be partying (online) like it is 2010!
Speaking of 2010, weren't we supposed to be visiting Jupiter in person by now? Guess Mr. Clarke got that wrong. Or maybe he was writing about an alternate reality. Either way, we need more funding for  space exploration. Just my $.02 for the day!