Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Personal: Migraine Misery Part II

Okay, here it is Tuesday morning, what, 5 days after the the initial migraine hit, and I'm still feeling some pressure behind my right eye. It's not so bad that I would beg off work, but on nasty days like the one I just had, it just makes it harder.
Other than the migraine, I actually feel not so bad.
WoW has lost some of its appeal, but that could be the migraine talking.
I have written an outline of what I want to accomplish in the second act of my script. It's a key act, because it shows some of the background for understanding Dottie, and I have to write it carefully, so as not to make people think she's either crazy or an attention hog. Of which she's neither.
Once the second act is written, the rest of it should flow rather quickly, I hope.
I just enjoyed watching a replay on fox.com of the initial 2 hours of '24'. I caught bits and pieces of the second 2 hours as I was working. Looking forward to seeing those later today.
Trying to make a budget for the next paycheck, when several bills will come due that I have to pay or lose service. And I have to pay some back rent. I hope to be fully out of this hole within 2 months. And then I can start paying for my education loans again. Joy.
Of course if I can finish this script and garner the attention of a suitable agent, (hint hint to any literary agents out there, this one is worth looking at!!!) then that might make paying bills a bit easier.
Not that I expect literary agents to read blogs, but you never know.
Nothing else to report, time for bed.