Thursday, January 7, 2010


I was going to make this _log a_out the weather outside, since it's _een in the 30's and _elow for the last week or more..., _ut then something else happened.
I had spilled something on my computer today, so I decided it was time to clean it. I spent quite a _it of time getting the keys out, and a few of them popped out and landed in places unknown. I found all _ut two of them, the 'v' key and the '_' key, hint it's not really the '_' key, see if you can guess which is it. I had _een a_le to use those keys _y pressing into the empty slot with a pen, _ut that hasn't worked since just _efore I started writing this _log.
I found, though, that I needed the 'v' key enough to use another _utton in it's place. I needed it for the ctrl-v option of pasting. I don't know if I damaged the '_' key or not, _ut it's not working. I'd hate to have to replace the key_oard over one letter, _ut you can see how often it's used just in this _log.
I suppose I could use the onscreen key_oard, _ut that's such a hassle.
So until I find that key, or see if I damaged my key_oard, I'm stuck.
Out in the cold.