Sunday, January 10, 2010

Life: Update

Well, I broke down and moved another key into the 'b' slot. Yes, that was the missing letter, and it works just fine. The problem is: the keys I took off. I find myself using them, though certainly not was much as 'v' and 'b'.
Anyway, I just need to look again for the missing keys. They're probably buried under paperwork that I have on my desk or rolled into a corner behind my behemoth desk.
Other than that, life rolls on. I continue to play. I try to write, stuck at the end of the segment I posted, not sure where to take it from there. I can never make it easy for my characters, though you'd think with their 'gifts' and technology, they could take it easy.
Problem is, someone else always wants it, and none of it can be used by everyone without creating more trouble.
I've been sneezing off and on for days. Feels like allergies, though not sure what I'm allergic to.
My last paycheck, which included more hours than I've been getting, was larger, by less than I'd hoped. I had about $100 more gross income out of it, and of that $100, $30 was taken out in taxes. A higher tax bracket, for someone who still makes less than $25,000/year, doesn't make sense to me.
But then, I'm in favor of a National Sales Tax, to completely replace the IRS.
It's feasible.
Not much else to report. Life goes on, and on, and eventually... well I'll leave that up to your imagination. Mine is roaring along just fine, thank you!
Have a happy January!