Friday, January 15, 2010

Migraine Misery

Last night (Wednesday) I was having a typical day at work, when fairly suddenly, I felt a throbbing in my head, just behind my right eye: a migraine, that formed incredibly fast compared to others I've had.
It's likely due to a combination of stress, and a sinus condition that has had me sneezing and my nose running
Depending on the intensity of the headache and call volume I can sometimes work through such headaches. Wednesday was not one of those nights. I literally was almost incapacitated by it. I begged off work, and went to take a nap. I usually play music while I'm sleeping, for reasons I will not discuss now, but at that time, both sounds and bright lights (such as from a computer screen or TV, even) only made the headache worse.
I did, in the end, take a nap for about two hours, and felt well enough to get up and do a little playing, very limited playing, just grinding, killing things that came along. The headache was still there, and at this moment, is still there, but I was able to work tonight without too much of a problem. But now I have to make up 3 1/2 hours sometime between now and Saturday. I actually had a short night tonight, but with the migraine still poking around my head, I didn't want to chance it, plus it was a pretty rough night as far as calls go. (Have I mentioned I hate the attitude all New Yorkers seem to take? No? I'll leave that for another blog.)
But at the moment I can feel the back of my eye pulsing, and I'm going to bed. Have a wonderful night!