Monday, January 4, 2010

Play: I reiterate: Healing sucks/

Tonight my priest went into the Ice Crown Citadel raid for the very first time, as a healer. She came out with her head held low, defeated, not by Arthas, but by other people's belief that she could not heal the group the way it should be.
First, it's a ten man raid, and there were two healers. It started well enough, making it though the trash to the first Boss with few deaths and no wipes. Then the first wipe happened. It's a difficult fight for someone who has never done it before. Lord Marrowgar puts out frozen trails in many different directions, and if you can't get out of the way, you die a cold death.
Second he puts out spikes that freeze one person, and too often that was me. After the first wipe, we had to contend with 3 additional bad guys, not quite as bad as the Boss, but hard to contend with anyway.
So the second attempt at the Boss starts, and we lose a tank early. Tanks, as I have stated before, take most of the damage, but also draw attention from people like me, so we can survive.
We wiped on that one too.
The funny part of this game is when you wipe, people start pointing fingers. It took just two wipes before someone said I was undergeared. Which isn't actually true. My gear was the best it could be short of raiding in the place we were at. Since it was my first time, my gear could not have been that bad. Anyway, I was told my spec, the combination of points I put into each specialization, was wrong for healing a raid, since I didn't have much to heal a large group. No use countering that, even though I was not the only healer, and I was the one who had to constantly get out of the way of the frozen ttrails.
Maybe I just needed more experience, but Warcraft players are a notoriously impatient lot, and someone had to go. I left on my own accord. I also switched to the spec that was supposed to be better for raids, and proceeded to test it on the hardest 5-man instance in the game. We wiped, twice, and the group broke up. Seems to be a recurring theme: Try twice and leave.
I heard later that the raid group I left earlier fared no better with a different healer. Do I feel better? No. I don't get smug about these things because I am inexperienced in healing a raid.
I'll keep working the different spec, and maybe I'll get comfortable enough to go back and try again. But I do really like the original spec, and maybe I'll prove it's useful in that raid.