Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A nightmare ends, for now...

Well, after missing a full day and a half at work due to a hard drive failure, I am now back on line, mostly. I'm missing a few tools I need at work, and most of the links that I had accumulated over the months.
But I now have a working computer. temporarily.
Truth be told, it was a temporary situation any way I looked at it. The Beta version of Win 7 I currently use will expire in a couple of months, and then I would have had to buy it anyway.
But on my budget, paying $200 plus for the full version of the operating system is simply too much. Add to that the cost of a new hard drive, and it makes it unattainable.
I'm using my old hard drive from my old computer right now. Had to wipe it and put Win 7 on it. It's an IDE drive, and I suppose it's fast enough, but it's not as fast as my former SATA hard drive, and also not nearly as large. So the more I use it, the slower it will get. I can get a decent hard drive for $60, not a budget-killer by itself, but of course there's the new version of Win 7 to get.
I can get an OEM version of Win 7 for about $110, but I'm not sure how that works when it comes to changing computers.
So I have some researching to do before I commit money I can't afford into something I may not be able to use.
And I also have to make up 10 hours of work.
Joy to us all!