Wednesday, November 11, 2009

First things first

Hi, welcome to my blog. The name of this blog is 'Rants and Ravings of a Sane Person.' I just want to get it out of the way that I am sane, but occasionally I like to complain about various aspects of my life, whether personal, business, or things in the news. This is my outlet.
A little bit about myself: My name is Michael Fox. I write. You've never heard of me (not yet), but hopefully you will soon enough.
But since writing doesn't pay the bills yet, I also work as a technical support agent for a wireless phone company that won't be revealed.
I also like to play computer games, such as 'World of Warcraft', and I also like to surf the web using Facebook and other social networking site.
So some of my blogs will be about writing, some will be about working, and some will be about playing.
The last aspect of my life is the personal stuff: things that happened to me today, unrelated to work, writing and playing.
So sit back and read, and I hope you enjoy the ride!