Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Intro Part II - My Writing

This is a continuation of my initial post, which basically introduced me, and let you know the types of things I'll be writing about.
In this post I'll discuss the type of writing I do, as well as some specific examples of my writing.
First, I will write in most genres if I feel I have a compelling story to tell. I prefer the fantasy/science fiction story because that lets my imagination roam far from the norm. But I've also been known to dabble in erotica, but I won't post examples here.
Some finished products: 2 novels in scifi/fantasy: Theater Boy, and The Timmons Incident, both available from Publish America.
I'm currently working on the script for a potential TV series based on those novels. I may post updates on that as I go along.
I have other ideas floating around my head: New Rome, an Alternate History book, with the main plot a Roman 'Renaissance Man' finds himself in North Carolina in the 1st Century CE.
I'll post more as I can find my notes.