Friday, November 20, 2009

Leisure time

It's my weekend, and after playing Warcraft until 8am this morning, sleeping for 8 hours (a rarity for me, I usually get 6 or less) and playing Warcraft again for 5 hours, I decided to take a little break and watch a little TV. Now I don't have cable, I have a digital converter box that works some of the time for some of the channels. So most of the time when I want to watch television, I do it online, at Currently, I'm watching this week's episode of CSI. I also watch the new version of 'V' there.
I work during most primetime broadcasts, so it's the perfect web site to get caught up.
I just wish there were a little more variety out there. It's not like you can't throw a commercial in when you're watching.
Let's join the 21st Century and see all TV programming online!