Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Time for a little gaming

All right, work is done for the next 16 hours, let's play a little.
I play the World of Warcraft primarily. It's, as I've said before, an MMORPG. Massively Multiplayer. Thousands of players online on a given server at a given time. Why do those people play? For the gear, or 1337 purplz, in the vernacular. 1337, is slang for 'Leet', or elite. The purplz refers to the color of the title of the gear if you mouse over it. There are 6 tiers of gear: grey - the gear you start out with, junk, sold to vendors within the game to build your gold supply; white - usable by someone, sellable, auctionable, but not generally a money maker; green - pretty good quality gear/weapons/gems. usable by poor people (at least within the game, to make their gear passable for leveling up. Generally of little use at maximum level; blue - better quality gear than green, sells for more in the auction house (where people buy/sell things), and it is coveted at lower levels; purple - the mainstay of raiders and PVP enthusiasts, not the highest level, it's generally bind on pickup, which means if you loot this, you can't sell it on the Auction House. 1337 gear, that has different tiers of just how good it is. Some purplz are more 1337 than others, and you can get laughed at by people who have the better gear. Not the most fun part of Warcraft, at least for me.
The final tier is Legendary - very rare, usually some epic quest chain that you have to follow, that cost much time and gold to finish, and only a few have these. They are generally weapona.
The problem is, with every new patch, with every new expansion, the 1337 gear that you can get from the previous patch/expansion is meaningless. So for those that must be the most 1337  must continually grand their way to better gear. Warcraft will never end for them.
I'm not quite like that. I don't play the game for the gear, or the gold, or be being 1337. I play it because it's fun. I play it because each class, or type of character a player can make, is different. I play it to see what each class can do, to see how to fight each class in battlegrounds - where players fight each other. I play it because I can play it by myself most of the time, and can pick and choose when I want to work with others. Believe it or not there are MMORPG's where you don't have that option. You can't solo your way through content.
I play because each time I level a character I discover a different nuance to the game. It will never end for me, either, but I'm not stuck up about working with someone who has less 1337 gear than me.
So those 1337 people can have their 'fun', and I'll have mine. It is just a game, after all. amiright?