Thursday, November 19, 2009

Work: Staffing

I've worked at a number of call centers over the last 8 years, some large, some small, but the management at each has the same mentality: We want you here to take calls, not to sit around waiting for calls.
So here's the current scenario: After days of taking calls back to back, things have slowed down just a little, and I get maybe 10 seconds between calls. Now they're asking for people to not work.
The business part of me says makes sense. The CSR part of me says: 'Gimme a break!'
The business end says we don't make money if you're not on a call. The CSR part of me says: 'I need to breathe!'
It's a dilemma. But since I'm not a manager, I have to go on the side of the CSR. Management: You're putting too much pressure on us CSR's and making the customer wait needlessly! Stop it!
There, now the problem is solved.
Wait, what do you mean it's not. They're not listening to me? How dare they! Why I oughtta...
Finish my damn screenplay and sell it before this job really does drive me insane!

Edit: and just like that, we're in queue again. Send too many people home, this happens. Now they're asking people to come back on. Just keep 'em scheduled the way they are. Please!