Sunday, November 29, 2009

Work:Back to normal, Games: another milestone.

Well, after an extremely relaxing working Thanksgiving, where I took 12 calls in 6 hours, I come back to work after my usual days off (mind you, I work from home, so coming back just meant logging into their systems), and find that call volume has returned to normal, i.e., back to back. Well, I enjoyed it while I could. I'll be working Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, I suspect those will be somewhat different, especially New Year's Eve. I've worked holidays for other such companies. You get callers who are drunk and want to laugh at you for working a holiday. Not fun at all. At least I have Christmas and New Year's Day off!
On a side note, spent my weekend getting one of my characters on World of Warcraft to the magical level 80, which is as high as it goes at the moment. This character is a priest, a healer, whom I hope will be in demand moreso than my undergeared warlock, who never sees any of the end content because she's outperformed by others. This way I can see the different fights and maybe learn a thing or two.
So a fun weekend all around, followed by reality rearing its ugly face again! AAAAH!!