Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Games: Anarchy Online

Since Warcraft is down for a little while, I decided to play a different game while waiting: Anarchy Online. This is a game made by Funcom, who is based in Sweden, and also makes The Age of Conan. They also have offices in the immediate area, and I attempted to apply to them last year, with no job offer being the result.
That aside, the game is really hard to pin down. Is it a science fiction game? If so, why have swords? There are different races, different classes, which is normal for an MMORPG.
The interface is probably one of the worst I've seen. Nothing is intuitive, the learning curve is steep. Mind you, I only played about an hour, but an hour is all I could take.Quite the opposite of Warcraft, which had me hooked within 15 minutes of playing, though it had a learning curve too.
I know, I'm comparing everything to the most-played MMO out there, and every game should try to be different, but not that different. You shouldn't need a thick manual just to learn the basics of a game. And this is why Warcraft is so popular. Yeah, there are things that you have to learn in-game, but the tips are generally helpful, and the player base is huge, and frequently 'newbs' ask those newbie questions , most of which I can answer now.
Anyway, wanted to add my two cents in on that. I'm playing the free version, which likely has limitations, so I may visit again when I'm completely bored.