Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Work/Play/Writing: Three Day Weekend! Wooot!

Just got my first taste of the new schedule that starts Sunday. First, with the current schedule I get Friday and Saturday off. The new schedule has me with Sunday off, so I get a 3 day weekend during Christmas! I still have to work Christmas Eve, but I can live with that. I hope things will be quiet, but no guarantees.
The new schedule has me working 40 hours consistently for the first time since my training ended. And that was at minimum wage, so I'm definitely looking forward to the increased paycheck.
What I plan to do with my time starting Friday? Play Warcraft, of course. I also plan to sneak in a little writing. I almost wrote more of my script today, but the muses weren't with me. I hope they are over the weekend.
Everyone thinks writing is an easy thing to do. It's not, of course, and most of the time, the pay sucks, if any. The only hope is to find something that captures the public's imagination and hope it sells. I've hear J.K. Rowling tried to sell her Harry Potter series to a number of publishers before it took off. A lot of people criticize her writing skill, but all I got to say is, she has a hell of an imagination, and she was able to put it into writing that anyone can understand. I'd like to think I have the same abilities, it's just a matter of finding the right outlet. So this is why I struggle: I don't know anyone in the business. So the goal now is to get the script and its bible finished, and then find the right outle for it.
Anyone out there now a good agent?
Tell you what, over the weekend I'll post snippets of my bible. I won't post everything, but it will give you an idea of that the series will be like.
Until then., adieu.