Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Work: Blackberry outages

Today there was and is a major outage of the Blackberry Internet Service, which affects all the carriers who provide service to Blackberry phones.
We are flooded with calls, of course, but there is a message while they are waiting to let them know there is an outage.
People don't seem capable of believing that.
'I just heard on your message that you're having an outage, is that true?'
Yes, dammit, it is true, and you just waited 15 minutes or more for me to tell you that! Now get off my phone!
I didn't actually say that, of course, but I wanted to.
Then there are the people who want a credit for the outage. It's been down less than half a day, and yet you think you deserve compensation.
Whatever, I just transfer them, because I can't make adjustments.
Been a fun day.