Monday, December 14, 2009

Play: Healing sucks

I have a number of characters maxed out in World of Warcraft. The Warlock, Caliaellyn, is my favorite, though I still have yet to figure out how to maximize my damage per second (dps). I seem to fall behind others with similar level gear.
I also have 2 maxed out Death Knights. After the Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King came out, this was my favorite class for quite some time, because they are 'easy mode.'
I have a warrior, whom I leveled back when some friends of mine were on the same server, and we did some dungeons together. Most of that group has broken up, though, so that warrior has languished in misuse.
I have a Rogue, which can be fun to play when decently geared, but if not are very vulnerable.
The last level 80 character I leveled is a Priest. Linlek. She is a troll, and looks very strange in her robes. But there are times I like her.
And there are times I do not. Priests are healers, most of the time. She can also DPS, but poorly. Her primary reason for leveling was to help her guild, 'When All Else Fails.' Well, back when I started leveling her in earnest, the guild needed healers. Apparently, that need has been filled without her help. So she languished for a while.
Then patch 3.3 came out, with its Dungeon Finder. This tool made finding groups so easy that Linlek came out of retirement to try to get herself some gear so she could really help healing. Her very first dungeon, however, was too much for her. it was the Icecrown Citadel 5-man dungeons. Her gear was simply not good enough for that, and the other players, rightly, kicked her out of the group. She has since done other dungeons, some of which are within her reach. Some, depending on the group, test her patience, as well as the patience of the group.
But healing is a thankless job. There aren't as many of them as other types of players, and really good ones are especially hard to find.
For the record, 5-man groups consist of a tank, a healer and 3 dps.
So I've been healing dungeons, and I have been kicked from a few. Some reasons were rather stupid. Tanks (the players that take the most damage and need to be healed most) who pulled entire rooms of Mobs (Monsters, the bad guys) and wonder why I can't heal through it; demanding tanks and/or dps who died for one reason or another and then instantly blame the healer.
I do not claim to be the best healer. I simply don't like the role that much. But I am trying, and I am slowly building better gear. Healing is an intense profession, requiring total concentration on my part or someone dies. It's stressful, and a game shouldn't be stressful. I ran two instances earlier, but despite the tank's best efforts to sabotage the group, no one died. I consider that a victory.
Anyway, the process is slow, and I won't be running very many dungeons on this toon until she gets better gear. But given the demand for healers in dungeons, I expect in time Linlek will be considered adequate for most groups. That's all I want.