Sunday, December 6, 2009

Personal: Abuse of the mail system

Today, as I went to check my mail for the first time in 2 weeks (I lost my keys), I got, amongst the usual bills and threatening notices on my college loans, a card,  from some unknown person in Albany. I knew ahead of time what it was, but since I have a relative who (at last report) lived in Albany, I opened it anyway. It was a nice card, even had a Hallmark (tm) stamp on it.
But it was in the end, an ad. A car dealer has been sending these off and on since I moved in, of course at Christmas.
It went immediately into the trash.
Also, because of this I will not use the car dealer in question, EVER! Even if I should come across a large sum of money and can actually afford a car and the insurance, I will not buy it from any dealer that tries to manipulate my emotions like that.
As the game saying goes: gdiaf. Go die in a fire.
Sorry, my Christmas Spirit is about worn out.