Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Texas Tech Fires Its Coach

I don't normally blog on sports subjects. All I know about the subject comes from TV news and various web sites.
That said, if the allegations are true, and coach Mike Leach appears to not deny it, the man deserves to be fired, as he was earlier today.
There will be some who argue that the player was not hurt, except maybe his pride, so what's the harm? The man, and I don't care whose son he is, suffered from a concussion, and yet was forced to stand, even punished when he tried to sit, for hours, not once, but twice.
I daresay others have had to undergo similar punishments from this and probably other coaches. It serves no purpose except to let the player know who's in charge.
And the player was punished because he could not practice due to his concussion.
Mike Leach has no apparent compassion. Some might argue that's what makes him a good coach. Bullsh!t.
The guy deserves it, and I hope his soon-to-be-filed case will be thrown out.