Thursday, December 10, 2009

Personal: Sitting and waiting

Today the cable man comes to 'install' my very basic local channels only service. I already have their internet service, and am happy enough with it. I got maybe 2 hours sleep today, then got up to clean the place and build a TV stand. The idea is to have the TV facing my desk, so I can watch TV while I work and play.
Speaking of playing, Blizzard released a patch (on my birthday, see previous post) that has absolutely tripled my enjoyment of the game. It allows me to search for a random group of players for dungeons, that pay pretty handsomely, and get me some better gear. Sometimes the players aren't nice, because I'm not as 'uber' geared as they are, but the Bosses die, which is the main point. Anyway, it gets me better gear, and eventually they'll have less to complain about.
My day in a nutshell. Looking forward to tomorrow, with the first day off since the patch hit. I'll be playing for hours on end!